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TSE and should sound familiar because I worked with them a year ago, when I lived in LA for the summer of 2011 to do an internship at 20th Century Fox. It is a non-profit charity that my dear friend Nicolas Putnam started with his friend Joel Lyftogt to help raise awareness and money for testicular cancer research. Both Nic and Joel have had loved ones die from this deadly disease and as a way to cope with their losses as well as help others dealing with this same issue, they started this fantastic charity. The first video I did was a simple music video to the ACDC song, Big Balls.

We were a sight to behold with our odd group of 4 people, the “band” being followed around by an Asian girl in a red wagon on Camera B, pulled by a dude with a hangover, and Nicolas on Camera B, parading down Venice Beach. Funny thing is, we never once got stopped by the police. I suppose this goes with a filmmaker’s favorite motto… Do it, then ask for forgiveness later because most of the time you won’t be caught…especially if you can run really fast.

A few days ago, Nic gchated me and told me the wonderful news that the balls bracelets made it into the Oscar gift bags. Additionally, Nic liked our new video Thanks Babe! so much that he blackmailed me to make a video for the bigroundballs campaign by posting on everyone’s Facebook wall to be on the look out for a new balls video this Tuesday. Well, since he called out my team, we could not disappoint. We accepted the challenge 200%. Here is what we came up with, with ONLY 3 days to come up with an idea, script, crew, and cast, then shoot and edit. We had a blast and I think it turned out pretty great.




Lead cast:
Black Carlos
Cherry Whitten


Written by: Chris Jackson & Christine Chen
Directed by: Christine Chen
Filmed by: Christine Chen and Kelsey Park
Edited by: Christine Chen





AUTHOR - Christine Chen