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Filming at Buc-ee’s

Well, well, well! I had a hoot on the set of my first scripted shoot, which was a commercial for Bucee’s. Actually, it was a commercial for something that Bucee’s invented. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bucee’s, it is a well known convenient store in Texas. It’s like the Wal-Mart of gas stations. No kidding.

This place literally has an actual store in it that you can buy REALLY nice things from, a restaraunt, a Deli, a produce section, and like 17 soda & Icee fountains. What flavor do you want your Icee? It doesn’t matter…they have it! To sum it up, it’s a Texas sized place.

Not only was being in Bucee’s nice to shoot in, but the actor was Matt Damon’s look alike, I learned tons of new lingo, it provided me with a road trip (which included seeing some family), and a day off from my normal 9-5 job. What could be better?!

One thing I really noticed is how ordinary things have strange names. An example would be a C47*, which is a clothes pin. Another example would be a stinger, which is actually an extension cord. The stinger I get a bit more than the C47, since “extension cord” has more syllables than “stinger.” However, for the most part, I’m still pondering the reasoning behind the terms used.

I also learned how to put together a track for the camera, how to set up lighting, how to be a light model (“model” is a bit drastic…I just stand there while they adjust the lighting), how to make certain notes on the script scenes, and how to run the slate. Things I wished I had learned this time around would include running sound. I envied the other Kellie who got to mic up the Matt Damon look alike. Ha! Oh well….next time. Only next time, watch it be an actor that looks more like Jack Black. Well…at least he’ll be funny (here’s hoping).

We finished in record time thanks to an awesome crew and an actor that had his lines in his head and ready to go. Call time was at 8am, and it was supposed to go until 5pm. We were done by 12pm. That’s right! How awesome is that?!

I have included the YouTube video I was able to make with my fraternal twin cousins since I was in their area. I hope you enjoy!!

*Editors note- Why are clothes pins called c47 on sets? The story goes that when filmmakers went to put in a request for clothes pins the higher ups didn’t approve of the funding. Being crafty the filmmakers decided to write down an arbitrary name, for a simple but highly needed item on any film set, on the request form and this request was quickly approved by the higher ups.

AUTHOR - Kellie Koford