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Karina & Riz Amanullah Wedding Trailer

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Moth to Flame would like to congratulate Karina & Riz Amanullah on their fantabulous wedding. They had hands down one of the most exciting, well executed, and beautiful wedding events that we have had the pleasure of attending and filming. Of course they did considering their lovely wedding planner, Linda Lyons of Lyons Events, was in charge. This girl put on not just one, but three flawless events from Oct 31 – Nov 1, 2013. The decorations were spectacular, the atmosphere extremely opulent, and unique.


The best part about the wedding was the couple and the love that their friends and family share. It was amazing to see both brother and sister get up on stage to perform and dance. We even got to witness an original rap about the couple’s journey together to the upbeat tunes of Will Smith’s “Prince of Bellaire.” The Notorious V.A.L. did an amazing job.


Definitely a beautiful wedding that Moth to Flame was happy to be a part of.