About the Movie


Funemployment by definition is someone who is not employed. To be employed, one usually refers to someone who is working for a pay check. Now what happens if you are technically working, but not necessarily getting paid? Or you are in transition?

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Adam Duncan

Adam C Duncan

Nick David

Adam developed an early passion for acting when he was cast as a carrot in a kindergarten play. After graduating from Louisiana State University, he decided to further pursue his passion for acting and has appeared in multiple shorts, features, and commercials. Adam is best known for his lead role in the narrative feature “Funemployment.” His upcoming film, “Nola Circus” will be premiering at Cannes Film Festival.

Shayla Bagir


Kelsey Bonnell

Don’t let Shayla Bagir’s sweet face fool you. With her mysterious Russian ways, she continues to star in multiple indies whilst getting her Masters in Clinical Psychology. Whether she’s biking, hiking,or just testing her body and mind, she is definitely one to keep an eye on.

Alex Dobrenko


Phil Rosenberg

Alex is a rising talent based out of Los Angeles, CA and Austin,TX. A wit with a degree from Brown University, he’s a natural for a piece built on timing and humor. Look for him next in Arlo & Julie and The Lumberjack Man or on stage at various improv comedy theatres throughout LA. He also loves making omelets.

Dunte Hector


Tré Dinkins

Dunte Hector is an engineer-turned-schoolteacher-turned-personal trainer, opera-ting out of Austin, TX. He is a national presenter and fitness video personality, known for making hard work playful. With Funemployment as his debut performance, Dunte has also appeared in local short films.