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Top 8 Music Video Production Companies

music production companyAs a filmmaker and artist, I am constantly looking at other people’s work to learn from and be inspired by. One of my favorite things to film is a music video. Having a music background, I find that all of my films are highly inspired by the music itself.


I often like to play the game of listening to a song and describing to a friend what visuals immediately pop up in my head based on how the music makes me feel. “This one feels like a driving song in an old Cadillac. This one feels like rain, lots of it.”

In my opinion, music video production really depends on the director rather than the production company. In fact, a lot of music video directors work independently for several music video production companies at once. When choosing a music video production company, start by looking at the specific portfolio of the director and go from there.  I have quite a few music video directors that I admire. So my list will include the specific director and what music video production company he/she is often associated with.

List of Top Music Video Production Companies:


  1. Ethan Lader – Independent


This guy is awesome. He directs some extremely innovative videos. I do believe he works completely independently. His portfolio has included folks like Bruno Mars and Mary J. Blige.  Ethan uses a lot of practical camera tricks, like stop motion. He really thinks outside of the box.


  1. Jordan Haro – Onion Creek Productions


I believe Jordan works a lot independently, but is also part of the director list for Onion Creek Productions. Solid work. I especially love the videos he has done with his friend and musician, Max Frost.  All of Jordan’s shots are highly thought out  and well executed with unique story lines.


  1. Jeff Ray – Independent


I believe this is another guy who does stuff independently. I’m not sure if he works with a specific production company, but I am a big fan of the story lines in his music videos. You may be familiar with his fan music video for Sigur Ros that went pretty viral, as well as his great music video for the Eli Young Band


  1. Ganesh Rao/Jonny Greenwald – Escape Plan Productions


I believe Ganesh and Jonny both work independently these days, but when they were working together, they were at Escape Plan Productions. There are two specific music videos that I am a huge fan of from this production company, both from the mastermind of Ganesh Rao in conjunction with VFX artist, Jonny Greenwald. Super artistic, extremely out of this world concepts. Because my specialty is not in VFX, the stuff that these two can accomplish is mind blowing to me. So if you are looking for something more sci-fi isque, these are the dudes to talk to.


  1. DuckduckCollective


Honestly, I don’t think this company has done that many music videos and is primarily a commercial video production company, however, I pretty much believe that they can make anything on video look incredible.  HUGE fan of this company’s work.  I think a lot has to do with the way they color everything. They have a very distinctive style, very hipster chic, with cool polaroid looking shots, retro coloring, etc.


  1. Orlando Briones – OC Films


This guy has been making music videos since I started getting into the film scene. Super experienced. Though primarily a director of photographer, he really has a great portfolio of work. He works a lot with the Hispanic music scene.


  1. David Nguyen – Independent


I believe David works primarily independently and is heavily involved in the fashion world.  He is an incredible fashion photographer and it translates into his music videos. His videos are beautifully shot and highly stylized.



  1. Christine Chen – Moth to Flame


Not to toot our own horn, but I’m a really big fan of the work we do at Moth to Flame. We tend to collect an eclectic talent pool. From animation to live action, we have someone who can make sure your vision is seen. We’ve done completely animated music videos with artist David. J Anderson and live action videos for country star, Bri Bagwell.


I honestly cannot think of more than just these specific artists. I’m sure as my tastes change and I am exposed to more music video production companies, this list will continue to morph. For the time being, follow specific directors that you like. That’s where the creativity lies.

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