Our Moth To Flame Team member is on CMT!

What Moth to Flame loves most, besides making films of course, is seeing other filmmakers succeed. We wanted to broadcast to the world that one of our very own team members, Kelsey Pribilski, is now a super star on CMT for Eric Church’s music video “Springsteen”. The video is already on Maxim, a variety of other awesome sites, and picking up steam. Go Kelsey!

Because Kelsey is too busy becoming a super star, you will have to wait until next week to see her blog (hopefully on Thursday) about her filming experience and working with Eric Church.

Kelsey, we are so proud of you and so lucky to have someone as talented and awesome as you be on our team. Give it up for Kelsey Pribilski. This girl is going places. We just hope that when she is famous, she won’t forget Moth to Flame. Make sure to check out her work with Moth to Flame.

FUN FACT: Kelsey’s very first gig was with Moth to Flame, as the lead actress on a music video shoot with Eagle Pritchard Murray Band.

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AUTHOR - Christine Chen

Christine Chen is an Austin, Texas independent producer, director, and the founder of Moth to Flame. She is rarely seen without a camera.

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