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Moth to Flame Creative Successful Austin Productions At Moth to Flame, we enjoy the opportunity to film in Austin, Texas. Check out the following productions that took place in Austin. The Earth Below Shot Put Funemployment The Earth Below This film took a total of 4 days to film in Austin, Texas. The primary location involved the director's friend's apartment, the Austin City Hall, and an Art Gallery. The difficulty of filming this short film involved cheating a high budget science fiction look with a very micro budget. We accomplished this by utilizing the buy and return strategy. The wardrobe,...

Favorite Austin Production Companies At Moth to Flame, we enjoy following multiple Austin production companies. Some of our favorites belong to personal friends and filmmakers that we have had the honor of working with. In our opinion, the best Austin production companies display the following characteristics: Film content that is high in quality Film content with original and innovative concepts and ideas Film content that tells a story in an effective and memorable way Our favorite  Austin production companies include: Onion Creek Productions Escape Plan Films Golden Arm Benefits of being an Austin Production Company Location: Austin, Texas Unlike production...

The initial story concept for “The Earth Below” was pitched to me as an adaptation of Madame Butterfly that takes place in a dystopian world where men no longer exist. I was excited by the project because of the opportunities it presented—it was a chance for me to write a female lead character and create a story in a science-fictional world. The challenge was tying it to an Asian-American theme.

When we (Christine Chen and I) decided to make “Ya Albi,” a film about a Syrian refugee, we knew that we may be dealing with a topic that could be political or controversial. We didn’t care about that though, because we just didn’t see it that way. We just wanted to make a good film about the human condition through the eyes of an immigrant that was relevant to today’s world without any political agenda.

I’m so proud of this film. We all worked so hard and so well together.

From the very beginning, we did some serious pre-production. This is one of the first films we were able to meet together and discuss the look of the film. We looked at examples of lighting and coloring to pinpoint the kind of look we wanted.

When Christine first approached me with what would become Ya Albi (My Heart), I had to literally tell myself to play it cool. She probably doesn’t know this, or that I had written her name down on my wish list of directors I’d love to work with after seeing “A Bird’s Nest” two years prior. I guess I played it cool enough … thankfully!